The Business in a Box

The Business in a Box is a set of tools, processes and materials that allow you to easily, quickly and efficiently set up and replicate a micro-business in any relevant community through a local partner. The Business in a Box is structured primarily for businesses operating in communities living on under $5 per day.

The Business in a Box has been refined through creating over 200 entrepreneurs in 4 countries across Africa. The learnings, know-how and experience have been packaged as a systematised process to give others the best chance of successfully setting up micro-businesses.

Unit 1 – Information, guides & processes

Unit 1 focusses on how to select, train, set up and mentor a micro-business, including all the guides, processes and training required.

Unit 2 – Reporting & M&E Toolkit

A range of different templates for monitoring and analysing the impact the micro-business, including a data collection mobile application and automatic reporting system.

Unit 3 – Entrepreneur Training Materials

The complete training programme for entrepreneurs, with 6 core modules, including: Basics of Business, Finance, Practical Sales & Marketing, Business Ops and more.

Unit 4 – Entrepreneur Operational Materials

Unit 4 is normally tailored to the specific business being set up and includes; marketing materials, records, how to use guides, report templates and more.

Tailoring the Business in a Box

The Business in a box can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation, tailoring options include:

  • Organisational branding – organisations logos, colour scheme, imagery etc. on the training materials.
  • Tailoring content – for example, developing training materials specific to the business being implemented or adapting examples and content for a specific business.
  • Business in a Box adaptation/integration into existing systems, in particular:
    • Integration of the M&E systems
    • Adaption of training to local training methodologies
  • Language – dependent on dialect