Our Mission

To help development organisations build sustainable and independent communities.

Our Values

All of our work is built upon three values, permeating every aspect of WSV. These values guide how we drive other social enterprises to reach their potential.

  • Social business putting community and value creation at the centre of what we do
  • Collaborationconnecting communities, NGOs, cooperates, students, public bodies and individuals to create the best possible solutions
  • Innovation – encouraging the businesses in WSV and our partners to think outside the box

What We Do

We provide development organisations with pre-designed business models that have shown their ability to create widespread impact in communities. These business models, and all the continuous learnings from each implementations, are packaged into a "business in a box" for easy replication. We then support organisations long-term to establish these social enterprises in multiple communities where the solutions are needed. Together we aim to create long-term fulfilling jobs that power local economies and solve some of the world's most fundamental social issues.

The Million, Million, Million Plan

Using our current portfolio, we aim to revolutionise the way aid is provided. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with NGOs, businesses and people in communities, to aid significant impact all over the world. Our portfolio has already impacted over 25,000 lives and we don’t plan to stop there. Inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals WSV launched: ‘The Million, Million, Million Plan’; introducing the world to these life changing enterprises.

Petal, Roots and Right Light will provide:

  • 1 million women and girls with a sustainable supply of affordable sanitary towels
  • 1 million school children with safe, clean school toilets
  • 1 million people with safe affordable lighting

Our Past

WSV is a social enterprise, originating from Enactus; a large global network of students, guided by business leaders, who act with the intention of creating projects that instil meaningful change with local and international communities.

WSV originated from the University of Southampton Enactus team. Our Founders Bradley Heslop and Adam Boxer realised that the projects Enactus Southampton were creating had the potential to be life changing to many people around the world and decided to act on this belief. Their sentiment was shared by two experienced advisors Steve Bedford and Chris Richards, who respectively are now Chair of our Board of Directors and Chair of the Advisory Board.

Bradley and Adam were part of the Enactus Southampton team for three years, starting as founding members of the project SanEco; the origin of Petal and Roots. During this time, Bradley became Vice-President of all international projects, including SanEco and Right Light. Adam’s enthusiasm for innovation lead him to found Enactus Southampton’s inhouse Project Incubator, a group which now works closely with WSV as a pipeline of innovative solutions. WSV’s ongoing relationship with Enactus provides a pipeline of new ideas and innovations, from some of the top socially minded university students in the country.

In February 2015 our Founders as a part of the Enactus team established a cooperative franchise model for the Enactus project; SanEco.

SanEco fueled Enactus’ ambitions to expand its sanitation solutions faster and further than ever before. The traction this idea gained, inspired even bigger growth and lead to Enactus Southampton becoming the first UK team to win the Enactus World Cup in 2015.

WSV’s aim is to honour the human centred ambitions developed in Enactus. To go above and beyond, helping individuals in communities develop the expertise and the tools they need to thrive.

In October 2015 WSV was founded.